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When I started Music and Mentoring House twelve years ago, I had no idea that more than 480 young developing artists of all disciplines would find their way to my breakfast table and into my programs; trust me with their artistic discoveries and allow me to connect them to the communities that upheld me for more than four decades. 


 Welcome to Music and Mentoring House

I believe in the connections between artists, audiences and the communities we live in.
I believe that we thrive as artists when we place our talents at the center of our communities.
At Music and Mentoring House I get to create the invitation for artists and the community to come inside. 
I get to invite young developing talent to the table and inspire them to create the opportunities
that will compel them into the community, onto the stage and out into the world.
As artists and creators we can't do this alone.
We need an audience, a community of support so that the vulnerabilities necessary to perform are nurtured in their earliest stages and are allowed to mature slowly and deliberately. 


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Make affordable mentored living for artists of all disciplines a reality


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